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Insurance of each cargo on preferential terms
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Loan system for regular customers
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More than 500 vehicles under management
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GPS tracking and SMS informing about the location of the cargo
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Comprehensive transport services
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Penguins travel from Germany to Kharkiv
European Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Bochum, Germany - Kharkiv, Ukraine
A type
Non-standard cargo

Humboldt penguins are on the brink of extinction with only 12,000 pairs left.

Neolit ​​Logistics was honored to participate in the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums program for the conservation and breeding of penguins.

In order for our little friends to be transported as safely and quickly as possible, we had been preparing for it for several months. The most difficult process was the documentary coordination of the transportation of penguins with customs and the State Food Service.
We have developed the logistic route to the smallest detail with a very clear timing in order to reduce the stay of animals in the transport cage to a minimum. It was 24 hours from the enclosure in Bochum to the enclosure in Kharkov.

Penguins first traveled from Germany to Holland by car, then flew from Amsterdam to Boryspil, where they were met by veterinarians and zoologists. Then they went to the Kharkov Zoo, accompanied by specialists.
Thanks to the temporary customs zone in the corridor of the enclosure at the entrance to the pool, customs clearance and paperwork for the penguins went unnoticed as they happily swam in their new pool.
At the moment, Margaret, Agatha and Charlotte are the only penguins in Ukraine. But soon males will be brought to them to increase the population of Humboldt penguins.

Neolit ​​Logistis is very grateful for the opportunity to become involved in such an important event for our Earth.

Penguins travel from Germany to Kharkiv
Cargo transportation with all customs clearance is easy!
Private person
Britain - Ukraine
A type
Standard load

Cargo transportation with all customs clearance is easy when Neolit ​​Logistics takes over the job.
We had three loading points in Britain: Doncaster, Denby, Richmond.
The unloading took place: city Chernihiv.
The barrel, which was previously used for the military needs of the army, is 3.5 tons.
Grader - 1.1 t
Plow - 2 t
We have completed the registration of the export declaration of each cargo, the registration of the "Chief" document, which is necessary for the British customs.
The Neolit ​​Logistics company is able to efficiently solve complex and interesting tasks, and most importantly, make its customers happy.

Cargo transportation with all customs clearance is easy!
Transportation of food products
Private person
Belgium - Germany
A type
Neolit Logistics transported the popular Pringles chips this summer.
Do you adore them as much as we do?
The Dnieper branch was in charge of the transportation.
- Transport: company trucks.
- Weight: 5 tons.
- Cargo: your favorite snacks.
We are proud that Neolit Logistics is trusted by global brands. After all, the client was satisfied with the successful and timely cargo transportation.
Thanks to our team for the well-coordinated work. And we are already ready to carry out transportation anywhere in the world.
Transportation of food products
Compliance with all conditions of transportation necessary to preserve the cargo is the main rule of success.
Private person
Zaporozhye - Shakhov
A type
Fragile overall cargo
In June this year, the Neolit Logistics team transported modules for workers.
- Route: Zaporozhye - Shakhov, Donetsk region.
- Dimensions: 13.6 x 2.7 x 3 m
- Weight of one module: 10 t
In total, we transported 3 such modules and their components. The main desire of the client is to transport the goods in the shortest possible time. But the modules themselves were fragile and unprepared for fast driving. In order to deliver the cargo intact and on time, we secured it with special strong fasteners and drove very carefully.
Neolit Logistics is your reliable logistics partner.
Compliance with all conditions of transportation necessary to preserve the cargo is the main rule of success.
Transporting a yacht by land is not a hindrance to us.
Private person
Holland - Ukraine
A type
And the new case of oversized cargo transportation by Neolit ​​Logistics proves it. If the yacht is in Holland, and you need to repair it as soon as possible and set off on a trip from Ukraine, the Kharkov branch of Neolit ​​Logistics transports the cargo quickly and professionally.
Cargo parameters: length - 10.6 m * width - 3.4 m * height - 3.6 m
Ahead of us was waiting:
- loading and unloading the yacht
- 2536 km of road and crossing of 3 borders
Our logisticians have developed a transportation route using specialized equipment, which is intended only for the transportation of floating equipment. Neolit ​​Logistics delivered the cargo on time and in complete integrity.
Transporting a yacht by land is not a hindrance to us.
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Transport company GK

International freight transport from the Neolit Logistics group of companies – is No.1 in the field of freight transport

We deliver goods between different regions of the world. For more than ten years, we have organized export-import operations and transportation in 124 countries around the world. International freight transport between remote regions is performed using multimodal schemes. However, different parts of the world differ markedly in the quality of transport infrastructure and often have their own peculiarities in the organization of transportation processes.

International freight transport is the best service for delivering anywhere in the world from the Neolit Logistics group of companies

The most common contract for international transportation is the delivery from the warehouse to the warehouse with the execution of related customs documents, insurance of the object and the liability of carriers and the freight forwarders.

International freight transport - is transportation and related services

Depending on the Customer’s needs, the Neolit Logistics group of companies is willing to provide the widest possible range of services, which may include, different delivery formats, transportation of complicated cargo and warehouse storage.

We provide:

  • delivery "from warehouse to warehouse"
  • warehouse storage services and Poland
  • loading-unloading operations
  • customs clearance services
  • support documentation and transit cargo transportation

The Neolit Logistics group of companies for more than 12 years has been performing international freight transport, the prices of which are determined by the specifics of the delivery object, its volume, as well as the transport leg length.

To the benefit of our customers we use all types of transport to perform delivery:

  • Sea and river vessels
  • Railway transport
  • Air delivery
  • Road transport

The employees of the Neolit Logistics group of companies will analyze the Customer's needs and characteristics of the cargo, plan the optimal delivery route and calculate the cost of combined transportation. The company provides international transportation of cargoes of any kind within a clear time frame to any region of the world.

Thanks to the availability of its own and leased vehicle fleet, as well as due to the long-term cooperation with specialized marine, railway and air carriers, the Neolit Logistics group of companies provides a high level of service and shapes a flexible pricing policy in relations with Customers.

Our offices are located in all major cities of Ukraine, as well as in Poland.

You may contact the nearest branch, or use the contact options of the website and available phone.

International road transport - all directions and any cargo

Western Europe is the densest road and railway network in the world. However, in some countries there are certain restrictions on the mass and dimensions of cargoes that can be transported by road. And the speed of freight trains in the EU is lower than in the CIS countries. In addition, in a number of countries the gauge of different sizes is used, which in some situations can complicate transportation and extend the expected period.

At the same time, in Europe, transportation on rivers has been actively developing, which in some cases makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of transportation.

We transport all types of cargo:

  • complex and consolidated
  • oversized and heavy
  • hazardous and temperature sensitive
  • bulk
  • general and loose
  • urgent and valuable
  • motor vehicles and special equipment;
  • consumer goods of any kind.

You can track the movement of your cargo in real time. Our specialists assume the responsibility for all other issues related to delivery, customs clearance and storage.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies uses leased warehouse facilities in the Dnepropetrovsk region, any of our Customers have been provided with a full range of warehouse services, including secure storage, cargo-handling operations and cross-docking.

International motor freight transportation - the best choice for small and medium distances

The length of the transport leg in the European region usually does not exceed a thousand kilometers. Unlike railway cars, the motor vehicle does not need to change wheel sets or transshipment.

The high population density and a fairly well-developed road infrastructure in the EU and Eastern Europe makes road freight transport the most convenient option for transportation.

The experts of the Neolit Logistics group of companies choose the optimal vehicle and transportation route, depending on the delivery time and specification.

International motor freight transportation is carried out with the involvement of the necessary type of truck:

  • semi-trailers, including drawbar combination
  • platforms
  • low bed semitrailers
  • refrigerators
  • small tonnage trucks
  • dump trucks
  • dropside truck
  • tank cars
  • other special machinery

Consolidation warehouse in Poland allows us to provide delivery of small goods consignments as part of consolidated cargoes. Due to the use of such a principle of cargo consolidation, our Customers are given an opportunity to save substantial financial resources. If speed is the priority, then our managers will think over and offer you the most operational options - from road to air delivery.

We will be pleased to answer all your questions and tell you about the current discount system.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies – it is more than 12 years of successful work in the international transport market.

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