Cargo transportation within the CIS

The CIS today includes ten countries and together they represent a capacious market for goods. The geography of the association is thousands of kilometers of territories, which are separated by state borders.

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Cargo transportation in the CIS – taking into account national peculiarities

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Insurance at preferential rates
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Individual approach

Each state has its own national transport control authorities, as well as national customs.

This can significantly complicate the movement of goods across the territories of independent countries during transportation by companies that do not have the proper experience and competence in organizing this type of transportation.

In partnership with "Neolith Logistics", which has been working in this area for more than 12 years, you can be sure of the result. The cargo will be delivered within the terms specified in the agreement. The Сlient can monitor the movement of his consignment online, we will notify about the arrival of the goods to the consignee.

With Neolit Logistics, the transportation of goods across the CIS is simplified to a simple task statement

Further, our specialists will take up the work, who will prepare a plan for the movement of cargo, taking into account all the necessary costs for crossing borders, as well as loading and unloading operations.

Readiness for any changes and the ability to respond promptly to all emerging surprises are a prerequisite for professional organization and provision of the process of transportation of goods in the CIS. Depending on the type of cargo, its volume and delivery leverage, a decision is made on the most preferred mode of transport.

Taking into account the distances, long-distance transportation of goods by road often becomes unprofitable for the Client in comparison with railway transport. Even if truck flights will be generally cheaper than similar transportation in the European direction due to lower requirements for trucks that move through the CIS.

At the same time, railway transportation is not always profitable due to constantly growing tariffs, theft on the roads and the slow average speed of cargo movement across the CIS. The need for additional transshipment can reduce the advantages of low cost to zero, and such delivery will take longer than road delivery. The truck has the undeniable advantages of the "last mile" if you need targeted delivery of goods across the CIS.

Today, it is also necessary to take into account the changes in the conditions of transit and transportation of goods, which are initiated by the largest CIS country in terms of territory – the Russian Federation. For example, in 2016, the Russian Federation introduced certain restrictions on transit road and rail cargo transportation from the territory of Ukraine to other CIS countries and Central Asia. Now transit traffic in these directions will start from the territory of Belarus.

At the same time, there are alternative ways of moving goods to these regions using air and sea transport in a multimodal mode.

Cargo transportation services to the CIS countries from Neolith Logistics include all the necessary operations related to:

  • customs brokerage operations
  • insurance
  • documentary support of the transportation process
  • route development
  • selection and delivery of transport
  • transshipment works
  • warehouse services

You can order cargo transportation in the CIS countries and all the necessary related services right now. Having received all the necessary information, our managers will start organizing the transportation.

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