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Sea container transportation

Container transport by sea is rightly considered one of the most expensive types of services and advanced logistics. They resorted to as large companies and small. Among individual and emergency teams are popular container transportation in Ukraine and abroad. But the service - a complex process. If you need to order shipments by sea, be sure to consult with experts GC "Neolit Logistics."

The mechanism of delivery

Ocean freight specific, since a priori are international. As with any form of transportation across the border, they require an appropriate set of documents. All shipping in Ukraine are the following scenario.
Standard or general cargo packed in containers. They are sealed and are a necessary transport and customs documents. After using the railway-wagons or container delivered to the port of departure. There container checked and loaded onto the ship, following a certain route. At the end of the marine transportation (arrival at destination port), everything happens in reverse order. Similarly, transportation passes oversize.
Given the multistage delivery, it is important to control the movement of cargo on all segments of the way during loading and unloading. Therefore, it is better to use the services of a transport company with a positive reputation, which is not only fully follow all the process of container transport, but also be able to ensure the safety of the administration and insurance really works.

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Advantages and disadvantages of sea freight
Sea container transportation, as well as any type of transport of goods, have their typical features. Based on them, we can understand whether this type of delivery in this situation, or it is better to use other services.
Security. Container transport are in a relatively safe environment. Accidents happen much less frequently than in the case of road transport. Moreover, sea pitching effect on the load is not so pernicious as abrupt stops and bumps on the road due to unforeseen situations and damage the asphalt.
Price. Transport Ship fit on the board from 1000 to 21,000 standard containers from different customers. This significantly reduces the cost of container transportation in Ukraine or abroad for each client. The larger the load to be delivered, the cheaper come services (as a percentage).
Deadlines. In fact, sea freight are on a strictly defined route. But the sea is not bad roads, emergency bridges and damaged rails. Vehicles may be slightly delayed because of the storm or damage. This rarely happens, but send perishables by sea is not necessary.
Unlimited range. Marine transportation in Ukraine practiced for a long time. They are used most of the major industrial enterprises operating in the foreign economic market. Hence - an established delivery schedule anywhere in the world.
Developed infrastructure. The great advantage of containerized cargo by sea is their compatibility with other modes of transport. The infrastructure in this regard is well developed. No problem, in order to carry out container transportation from Ukraine and back. Output port cities have both the land (motor transport, railway wagon) and by air (planes).
Any type of cargo. The volume of maritime cargo ship allows you to fit any size and type: standard, bulk, filling, bulky, etc. In some cases, maritime transport in Ukraine is considered the only solution to logistical problems.
The complexity of the process. In the process of delivering your goods at least twice changes the vehicle. With that involve certain inconveniences. Therefore involved in maritime freight have only experienced logistics with advanced communications.
Speed. Ship with containers on board can not move quickly. Add to this the amendment of the weather conditions at certain times of the year. For urgent delivery of perishable goods is better to choose air.
As you can see, despite the security and versatility, some of the factors limiting the scope of the maritime transport of goods. To select the optimal method of delivery (by sea, air or sheer), accurately calculate its cost, timing and cost, contact the experts GC "Neolit Logistics." They quickly perform all the necessary calculations and offer you the best options. Work with us - the right solution for large, medium and small businesses in the long term.