September 18, 2023

Poland simplifies entry conditions for Ukrainian drivers: what has changed

At first glance, it seems that Ukrainian drivers got more opportunities to comfortably cross the border with Poland. And not for nothing – the agreements between the two countries made it possible to simplify the rules for business trips for drivers, in particular, regarding the presentation of a business trip letter. The new approach allows Ukrainian drivers traveling to Poland to use a paper travel letter, reducing formalities and simplifying procedures at the border.
This is a very important step in making life easier for drivers and improving conditions for cargo transportation between Ukraine and Poland. The main duty of the motor transport operator is to provide notification of the driver’s business trip no later than the start of the business trip, using a public interface related to the Internal Market Information System (IMI). At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the availability of the necessary documents in paper or electronic format. Note that the lack of registration in the IMI system may result in fines from the Polish Transport Inspectorate.
This initiative opens up new opportunities for the convenience and efficiency of Ukrainian drivers, promoting cooperation between Ukraine and Poland in the field of transport logistics.

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