June 15, 2016

Berdyansk port again want to sell

We know how to Berdyansk resort town near the Sea of ​​Azov. But when the holiday season ends, the sole “breadwinner” of the city is Berdyansk sea trading port BMTP. To date, there was substantial for BMTP Problem as a possible privatization.Conceived build Berdyansk sea trading port back in 1830, even Nicholas I. It was the most profitable way to cross the grain of Tavria and Ekaterinoslav provinces abroad. The port is not planned for large and rail traffic, a little later, it was planned single-track. But during the civil war port has become a strategically important object, because They produce handling and storage of munitions for military forces of the South of Russia led by General Anton Denikin.In Soviet times, the concept of “unpromising” referred not only to rural communities, but also to the ports. This concept also applies to BMTP. For example, located very close to Mariupol (Zhdanov) port was designed in five times more powerful than the Berdyansk and provides good infrastructure. Thus, by 2014, on the double-track railway to Berdyansk is not taken care of not only kings, but none of the Soviet general secretaries.After the annexation of the Crimea in 2014 Crimean ports became inaccessible, and Mariupol appeared near the zone of military conflict. Economic destabilization of 2014 had a negative impact on so troubled Mariupol port cargo turnover decreased by 35%.All these events have forced the majority of consignees and shippers to pay attention to the port of Berdyansk. And in 2014 Berdyansk port began to set records. In 2015, the port of Berdyansk won in the following nominations: “Golden ton» – for a record turnover figures, “The pace of growth in 2015” – turnover growth of 43.3%, “Absolute growth of 2015” – for turnover growth in 1297, 6 ths. tons in comparison with the previous year. The results are striking by the fact that the design capacity BMTP – 2.5 million tons, and it is processed in the past year – 4.29 million tons of cargo.Problems Berdyansk port begins far beyond its borders. Cars BMTP long stand at junctions. And this at a time when “Ukrzaliznytsa” not loaded. In Kiev have covered rust path highway Kharkiv-Simferopol. The cars are idle due to the single-track and not electrified section Fedorivka-Great-Tokmak Berdyansk, significantly increases the cost of transportation. There are also purely “sea” of the problem. Azov Sea depth does not allow the majority of vessels approach to the berths, where the depth of 8 meters, have to take and maintain a navigable channel. Most of the profit goes to the state budget in the city.And at this time it started the privatization process. If Yanukovych, the company has tried to prepare for the privatization of a certain owner. 50% reduction in wages, port worked 3-4 days a week, closed health center, recreation center sold on the Berdyansk spit. After the “unsinkable” enterprise “Azovkabel”, “Azmol” were privatized in the same way, they simply disappeared, and a great number of employees were on the street.In Ukraine, there is no normal legislation, which would regulate privatization rules and the use of such companies, protecting them from further “carve-up” is this and enjoy the many unscrupulous businessmen, they are in Ukraine Klondike, which brings huge profits. Privatizing the company, they just clean competition.

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