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Transportation of bulk cargo

Loose Cargo Transportation

Loose cargo refers to voluminous transportations, which should be performed without losses.

Transportation of loose cargo is most often needed by companies specializing in agriculture or construction. Usually the volumes of these cargoes are quite large, and the transportation should be organized rhythmically and carried out in a short time. After all, the production processes are often tied up with the transported resources or their removal.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies carries out transportation of loose cargo in any volumes agreed with the Customer.

  • construction materials and raw materials;
  • cereals;
  • mineral fertilizers.

Rented fleet of modern dump trucks enables us to plan and carry out tasks for the benefit of the Customer. The excellent condition of all technical systems and strict implementation of the transportation rules is a prerequisite for minimizing losses when moving such goods.

This takes into account the specificity of the material:

  •     loose cargo consists of uniform-sized particles, granules or pieces, it is more convenient to load this type of goods with the help of special purpose vehicles - excavators, dump trucks;
  •     bulk cargo is not always uniform in size, for example, ore, salt, brick, that is, special purpose machinery is often required for its transshipment and transportation.

For each case we have a specialized transport and not just road transport. Loose cargo can also be transported by water, railway and roads.

For delivery directly to the construction site, dump trucks are most often used. For long distances, some types of bulk materials can be transported by tanks, which provide the maximum level of cargo protection.

Loose goods can be transported:

  • containers;
  • dropside truck;
  • special tanks;
  • dump trucks.

Depending on the cargo class and routes, we can provide cars and gondolas for construction materials and ore. Moreover, the delivery of loose cargo requires a special approach to safety and due to the specific nature of the cargo itself, its volume and weight, it is mainly carried out by rail and sea transport.

For example, hard coal and coke are almost always transported in special containers, ships or universal gondola cars, which are previously cleaned. This is done because coal is oxidized and prone to spontaneous combustion.

Cement is transported either being already pre-packed or by special cement cars. Also special grain hoppers are used to transport wheat, barley, rye and other loose agricultural cargo.

When transporting grain within Ukraine, there is always an alternative in the form of road or rail transport. At the same time, prices for transportation may fluctuate depending on the season and the current traffic load.

The specialists of the Neolit Logistics group of companies always take into account the current situation for the development of the affordable route for the Customer.