July 25, 2016

Ukrainian goods and foreign markets

Ukrainians are not satisfied with the quality of domestic products, and vice versa foreigners willing to organize gastronomic tours for our country. For example, one major representative of the Chinese company sent by plane from the Ukrainian products to China. It is not a conflict in the East of our country.

Major consumers recognize that Ukrainian goods are made from a good and high-quality raw materials. Our country was even called the «bread basked» (from the English. “Bread basket”). We provide grain products, many countries that are not in a position to cover the need for high-quality raw materials. We give way to export only US grain and some EU countries. Ukraine is also a leader in the export of nuts, honey, eggs, chicken and soy.

Foreign export deliveries bring our country 40% of the proceeds from the sale s / s products. About 42% comes from the sale of cereals, 23% of the sale of oil and 17% of the sales of finished products. The main part of the export revenues accounted for Asia – 46%, Europe – 27%, Africa – 13%, CIS – 10%.

We supply these countries are mainly raw materials, thus working their processing industry. Thus they not only provide people with jobs, and finished products, but also get a good profit from the supply of finished products to Ukraine from our own raw materials (for example, Italian pasta wheat from Ukrainian).

All products processed Ukrainian confectionery products, canned vegetables and fruit, mineral water, sauces, etc. are mainly exported to CIS countries.

Ukraine is in the top ten on oil exports. Our exporting control nearly 60% of the world market of these products.

Of course, that Ukraine will not give up the export of cereals in the near future. Experts say that the geography of deliveries will not change much. We import our grain will be as Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Among the major buyers remain and the European Union, which consumes one-third of the total export of grain from Ukraine.

In the future, Ukraine needs to abandon the races of the gross income and focus on the process industry. For example, do not export grain and flour – a product with higher value.

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