September 11, 2017

The Cabinet optimized the overall weight control on the roads

Although Ukrtransbespeka earned UAH 38 million for the budget as a whole, due to fines imposed on the overloaded wagons, the Ministry of Infrastructure nevertheless decided to restore order in the procedure for exercising the overall weight control and optimize the operation of the complexes. The Cabinet of Ministers clearly appreciated the zeal of the department and approved the introduction of changes to the draft resolution regulating GVK. But what innovations are expected by transport workers and will the improvements in the resolution affect the situation positively? Let’s take it all in order.

According to the Minister of Infrastructure, one of the main goals of the document is to remove duplication of functions of Ukravtodor and Ukrtransbzepeki by properly distributing them, as well as to strengthen control over heavy and bulky vehicles on public roads. In particular:

• Some duplicate control types are removed, and the term of the weight-and-weight control is unified. Consequently, the time delays in transit are reduced, in other words, minimized;
• In the case of passage of the GVK on the border in international cargo transportation, the car no longer has to be “outweighed” at internal checkpoints – the driver has the right to produce an international weighing certificate and refuse to check;
• The problem of transporting fast-food and animals during restrictions on the movement of heavy trucks (during the day, at an air temperature above +28) is now regulated and prescribed in the document at the request of industry representatives.

In fact, this is the three most obvious and significant changes that will affect the speed of passage of the GVK, reduce the corruption component and simplify the process itself.

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