February 15, 2022

Soon new inspectors will appear on the roads of Ukraine

On October 18, 2021, the national selection of new inspectors began as the main stage of the reboot of Ukrtransbezopasnost. During the four months of selection, out of 1824 candidates, 147 people reached graduation from the Academy.
During the selection, the following knowledge and skills were assessed: legislation, logical and analytical thinking, virtue, motivation, resistance to stress, the ability to identify and solve problems and communication skills of candidates.
The curriculum of the inspectors of “Ukrtransbezopasnost”, in particular, included the following theory and practice on trucking:
– study of anti-corruption activities in the field of transportation of passengers and goods;
– the operation of technical systems for recording the activities of drivers;
– implementation of overall weight control and legal regulation of transportation of passengers and goods by road.
The main goal of the new inspectors is to turn Ukrtransbezopasnost into a modern European service department. Many served in law enforcement agencies, so they have their own experience in fighting corruption.

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