September 11, 2023

Odesa OVA: Ban on the movement of trucks over 24 tons to support local traffic and special transport

On September 9, 2023, the Odesa Regional Military Administration (OVA) made an important decision aimed at improving the lives of local residents and ensuring the normal movement of special vehicles in the region. According to this decision, the movement of trucks that exceed 24 tons of cargo mass and have an axle load of more than 7 tons is prohibited. This new norm has become relevant for cargo vehicles moving in the Odesa region. OVA is convinced that this decision will help solve a number of problematic issues that arose in the region during martial law.

However, not everyone agrees with this initiative. The Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine (AMEU) expressed its categorical disagreement with the expediency of this decision. They emphasize that in the conditions of blockade of the ports of Odesa, alternative routes for the delivery of goods from the ports of Ukraine to the ports of Romania, Lithuania and Poland become extremely important. Combined intermodal transportation, which includes trucks, is used to provide these routes, and now such vehicles are restricted in their movement.

Ukrainian transport and logistics companies are actively working to ensure stability in the conditions of the invasion. They note that their sphere is directly connected with many branches of Ukrainian business, in particular, with the agro-industrial complex.

The conditions in which Ukrainian companies work to support exports and supply domestic products to the international market make it important to ask why artificial obstacles are created in the country. AMEU calls for joint efforts and consideration of the situation from the point of view of importance for all Ukrainian logistics and economy in general.

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