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Grandiose transportation of the Transformer Group by Neolit Logistics


The company Neolit Logistics carried out transportation of AT-3 from the village of Widelka (Poland) to the city of Netishyn. The transformer group consisted of three phases, each of which included an autotransformer, lubrication and attachment equipment. The total weight of the transported equipment was more than 1000 tons!

Transportation route:
Widelka (Poland) - the city of Netishyn (Ukraine)

Characteristics of 1 autotransformer:
Dimensions: 10m (length) * 3.8m (width) * 4.52m (height)
Weight: 207 tons

The total number of vehicles involved: 35 (three of which are for the transportation of oversized cargo and one for an oversized railway transporter).

Due to the large weight and dimensions of the equipment, the project required a high level of organization and coordination. Neolit Logistics company provided the entire range of works related to transportation, including loading, transportation, transshipment and installation of autotransformers at their permanent location, thanks to our own efforts and the help of our reliable partners.

This project required specialized machinery, experienced workers and careful planning to ensure the safety and success of the task. Neolit Logistics provided appropriate logistics support, ensuring the correct selection of vehicles, optimal routes and proper documentation processing.

Thanks to the professionalism and efficient work of the Neolit Logistics team, the transportation of the Transformer Group was successfully completed, ensuring the delivery of the equipment to its destination on time and safely. Neolit Logistics has demonstrated its ability to carry out complex logistics projects for the transportation of heavy and oversized equipment, proving its reliability and professionalism in the field of logistics.

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