August 22, 2023

Differences and Innovations regarding the Queue in the European Association “SHLYAH”

Changes are constantly taking place in the field of transport services and transportation, which have a significant impact on logistics processes. Recently, the issue of canceling a place in the queue after the expiration of the application period began to be actively discussed in the European Association “SHLYAH” (EASH). This can affect the distribution of shipments, timings and strategies of companies.

The essence of this innovation is that after the application expires after 18-60 days, the place in the queue for transportation can be canceled. This makes the process of distribution and access to transportation more dynamic and relevant. Such a step can contribute to more efficient use of resources and optimization of logistics flows.

However, this change also requires market participants to pay more attention to updating and updating their applications, because the possibility of losing a place in the queue can significantly affect the planning and operation of carriers. It is also important to consider the possibility of changing priorities and deadlines.

This initiative once again emphasizes the dynamics of industry development and the need for market participants to adapt to changes. Only by taking into account updated approaches and constant improvement of one’s strategies can one successfully function in the modern logistics environment.

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