Cargo transportation to Moldova

Cargo transportation to Moldova - fast delivery by car and rail

Moldova is a small country that borders only Ukraine and Romania. It has a developed road network. The length of the country's railways is about 1,200 km. Several destinations play an important role in international transport links.

Important latitudinal railways pass through the country, through which goods from Ukraine can be delivered to the countries of South-Eastern Europe.

There is only one airport in Moldova. It is international and is located next to the capital of the country - Chisinau. Flights to the capitals of European countries and the CIS are operated from here.

Air delivery of goods between Moldova and Ukraine is practically not in demand.

Due to the proximity of Moldova and its compactness, the cargo can be delivered quickly from any corner of the country. The optimal choice for the overwhelming majority of our Clients is transportation by road or rail.

Neolit ​​Logistics specialists will select the best option depending on the type and volume of transportation.

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Transportation of goods to Moldova

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Any types of cargo
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The exact route from Moldova to Ukraine and back is determined depending on the point of loading and unloading.

From the western regions of Ukraine, it is easier to enter the country from the north. The route passes through the Chernivtsi region and Bukovina.

From the central regions of Ukraine, the most direct road passes through the Vinnitsa region, which allows you to get to Moldova through the eastern regions and the northeast.

Of all the southern regions, it is easier to move through the Odessa region, where a number of checkpoints with Moldova are open. Some of them are located on the border with Transnistria, where there are also additional customs posts. Therefore, for the fastest possible delivery, it is necessary to professionally analyze all available routes.

Neolit ​​Logistics carries out cargo transportation to Moldova, Chisinau and other large cities and regions of the country, including Transnistria and Gagauzia, by road transport of its own and leased fleet:

  • Tiraspol
  • Balti
  • Bender
  • Rybnitsa
  • Comrat

Our experts will advise you on all key transportation issues and organize all stages of delivery:

  • choice of route and type of transport
  • registration of customs documents and insurance
  • handling and storage services

Neolit ​​Logistics is a logistics operator that provides a full range of logistics services and is capable of outsourcing all transport flows of the company. Our company delivers goods to Moldova as soon as possible with the passage of all customs procedures.

You can get answers to questions on the organization of transportation in a convenient way - through the website, by phone or by contacting directly to our offices in major cities of Ukraine.

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