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Our permanent clients are the largest companies of Ukraine and abroad.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies has been working on the market of domestic and international freight transportation for more than 15 years and today is one of the leading companies in the logistics market of Ukraine.

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Pavlograd grain company

Automobile transportation

Our organization PE “Pavlograd Grain Company” has repeatedly used the services of the transport company “Neolit-Group” in the organization of transportation. During the cooperation, the logistics company proved its high competence in the organization of complex road transports, the ability to solve extremely complex tasks and carry out transportation within clear deadlines. In the future,...

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Poultry farm Ternopilska

Automobile transportation

On the basis of Contract No. 3161/260922-1 dated September 26, 2022, the transport and logistics company “NEOLIT-GRUP” LLC provides our company with services for the organization of cargo transportation by freight transport in international traffic. LLC “NEOLIT-GRUP” provided transport and forwarding services for the organization of international transportation of goods by road transport, services for...

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Dnipro, Ukraine
Automobile transportation

We would like to thank the brokers “Neolit Logistik” from our company Junk for their high competence, efficiency and solving complex tasks in the registration of the import of automobile spare parts.We will continue to cooperate with the company “Neolit Logistics” and will sincerely recommend it.

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Lviv, Ukraine
Automobile transportation

LLC “Svytyaz” has already used the services of the transport company “NEOLIT GROUP” more than once. During the cooperation, the logistics company proved its high competence in the organization of road transportation, the ability to solve complex tasks and perform transportation within clear deadlines. in the future, we plan to use the services and recommend...

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Located in Central Europe, the Slovak Republic shares borders with countries such as Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. Being a member of the European Union, Slovakia conducts active trade not only with the EU member states, but also with the states formed in the post-Soviet space. First of all, this concerns Ukraine, with which long-standing mutually beneficial trade relations have developed. Neolit Logistics, a transport and logistics company that provides international transportation from Ukraine to Slovakia and back, actively assists in export-import operations.

Cargo transportation to Slovakia is a convenient country for road transportation

  • Insurance at preferential rates
  • Full cargo escort
  • GPS tracking
  • Loans to regular customers
  • Individual approach

We intensively use both road and rail transport for various purposes and carrying capacity. Since Slovakia has no direct access to the sea, maritime transport is used as one of the stages of multimodal cargo transportation.
Choosing the service of cargo transportation to Slovakia in the company Neolit Logistics, customers receive the following preferences:

  • Well-coordinated work of a professional team of experienced professionals.
  • Individual approach to each order.
  • As a rule, the route is laid in the “door-to-door” variant.
  • Possibility to order a turnkey cargo transportation service.
  • The progress of the cargo along the route is monitored at all stages.
  • Assistance in passing customs control.
  • Assistance in completing the package of documents.
  • Free qualified consultation.

The international company Neolit Logistics has all the capabilities to carry out cargo transportation from Ukraine to Slovakia by road, rail, sea and air transport. Cargo can be both oversized and oversized, liquid or requiring special storage conditions.

We guarantee that the shipment of goods to Slovakia from Ukraine will be carried out without delay, and the addressee will receive his order on the date specified in the contract.

Demand for Neolit Logistics services

The current difficult socio-political situation in Ukraine, although it had a negative impact on various industries, nevertheless, the established trade and economic ties with Slovakia continue to develop further. In the past 2022, supplies from Ukraine to the Slovak market of grain crops, iron ore, products of the metallurgical, chemical, machine-building and agricultural sectors increased. There is also a stable demand for sawn timber, blanks from wood of various species, food industry products. To ensure the stability of the supply of the above goods, it is necessary that the delivery of goods to Slovakia is carried out in a timely manner.

There is also an increase in export deliveries from the Slovak Republic to Ukraine. The following types of goods, produced both in Slovakia itself and in other European countries, enter the domestic Ukrainian market:

  • Cars.
  • Components and spare parts for cars.
  • Industrial equipment.
  • Haberdashery, textile products.
  • Household appliances and electronics.
  • Food and drinks.
  • Various types of bulk products.

Currently, a separate item of cargo transportation is the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. For this, the cargo is provided for a separate customs clearance and a special package of accompanying documents.

Due to its location, Slovakia is one of the key transit hubs. In this regard, it often happens that the delivery of goods to Slovakia is complicated by the fact that the destination of all or part of the goods is another country. To prevent such a situation from becoming a problem in the process of cargo transportation, it is necessary to carefully specify all the details at the stage of placing an order for transportation. After all, the package of accompanying documents must be drawn up in full accordance with the legislative and legal norms not only of Ukraine and Slovakia, but also of those countries through whose territory the route was laid.

A team of professionals from the Neolit Logistics company takes an integrated approach to each order for the transportation of goods. Our experienced professionals do the following:

  • We calculate the most profitable route for the customer and select the appropriate vehicle. The calculation is carried out taking into account the nature of the cargo, its mass, volume and geometric dimensions. The type of container, requirements for transportation conditions and delivery times, and other nuances are also taken into account.
  • We provide assistance in preparing a package of accompanying documents.
  • We take part in the passage of customs control.
  • We help to issue an insurance policy on more favorable terms.

Any client of Neolit Logistics receives professional service from highly qualified specialists with extensive practical experience. Therefore, problems such as a delay in sending cargo or a simple transport on the route are simply impossible.

Features of cargo transportation from Ukraine to Slovakia

Freight transport to Slovakia in the vast majority of cases is carried out by road and rail. As a rule, large consignments of cargo are sent by rail – mainly iron ore, lumber, 20 and 40-foot sea containers.

The advantage of rail transportation:

  • Ability to send a very large volume of products in one batch.
  • The movement of cargo is easily tracked, as the movement of trains is carried out strictly according to the schedule.

By means of road transport, a significant amount of cargo transportation is also carried out, both from Ukraine to Slovakia and in the opposite direction.

Road transportation of goods to Slovakia has the following advantages:

  • A wide range of vehicles of different carrying capacity, designed for the transportation of oversized and oversized cargo. These can be both light-duty (capacity up to 1.5 tons) vans and classic trucks (capacity 5-10 tons), as well as road trains, tankers and refrigerators. For the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, special low-frame trawls are offered.
  • It is easy to consolidate loads destined for different clients in one vehicle.
  • Possibility to organize targeted delivery to any city on the territory of Slovakia, thereby carrying out a full-fledged delivery according to the “door-to-door” scheme.

Such a service of the company “Neolit Logistics” as the delivery of groupage cargo to Slovakia is quite popular. With its help, even individual entrepreneurs and individuals have the opportunity to supply small batches of goods or single items to Slovak buyers.

Cargo transportation to Slovakia – railway, aviation and Danube

  1. Collection of information
  2. Cost approval
  3. Route planning
  4. Packaging and labelling of cargo
  5. Shipping

The team of professionals working at Neolit Logistics knows how to send cargo to Slovakia, so that both the sender and the recipient of the cargo are satisfied. The main advantages of cooperation with us:

  • We offer the best routes for cargo in the direction of Ukraine-Slovakia and back. We take into account the choice of the client – a fast route or a cheap one.
  • We carry out cargo transportation of any complexity on a turnkey basis.
  • We offer forwarding services.
  • We undertake the passage of customs control.
  • Warehouse logistics services.
  • Transparent cost calculation, no hidden fees and commissions.

More detailed information can be obtained from the manager of Neolit Logistics by calling the contact phone number, online messages or in person at the company’s office.