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Cargo Transportation to Asia

Cargo transportation to Asia and Middle East countries is a dynamically developing area in Ukrainian logistics. At the same time, a huge cargo flow is also moving towards Europe from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

China and other Asian countries, where about 60% of the world's population lives, is today called the main "workshop of the world". It is from the Asian countries to the North and Latin America, Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, finished products are delivered.

And the EU and China are the largest trading partners. Cargo transportation from Asia to Europe amounts to millions of tons, the European Union imports Chinese products amounting to 300 billion dollars annually.

The contribution of Asian tigers such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam, which jointly fill with their goods the whole space of Eurasia, should also be added to this flow.

Cargo transportation to Asia from the Neolit Logistics group of companies - from raw materials to high-tech products

Customarily, the bulk of cargo is transported by sea. Today, movement by sea vessels remains the most cost competitive. But not the fastest.

In recent years, the situation is changing. The development of the railway network in Central Asia and its connection with the Chinese and European highways make rail transport increasingly competitive.

An important factor is Internet commerce. It updates the option of maximally prompt delivery to the consumer, bypassing traditional distribution networks and focuses on geographical distribution of delivery.

The share of high-tech goods has been increasing in the trade turnover. They have a high cost and at the same time often require rapid transportation. This is only one of the reasons why aviation is becoming increasingly important in the transportation of high-value types of cargo with a limited tonnage.

In this case, the customers of this cargo type are often small and medium-sized businesses, as well as private individuals. The volumes demanded by them are small, and therefore usually such transportations are carried out as part of a consolidated cargo.

Our experts will choose the best logistics option between any cities of Asia and Ukraine in terms of speed and price.

Cargo delivery to Asia, taking all the nuances into account

Export to Asian countries has been steadily increasing in volume. Mostly it is the deliveries of agricultural products, which penetrate deeper into the markets of Asian countries.

However, a significant part of the commodity flow is formed by grain, which is most often transported in bulk. This requires the use of special hopper cars or specialized road vehicles.

It becomes increasingly popular to use special containers, in which grain can also be transported. They are convenient to send small shipments, but at the same time there is a rise in the delivery cost because of the need to pay for getting the empty containers back.

Also, exports to Asian countries of food products with a limited shelf life, requiring the use of refrigerators or rapid delivery, have been increasing.

Cargo transportation from Ukraine to Asia has been complicated by problems with cargo transit through the Russian Federation. The Neolit Logistics group of companies will offer the best options for cargo delivery to Asia, taking into account the cargo type and location and terms.

Today, cargo transportation from Ukraine to Asia can be performed using various routes and modes of transport.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies organizes transportation with the customs clearance of any types of goods between Ukraine and Asian countries. We allow for all the factors and take into account all the requirements of the Customer.