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Multimodal Transportation

Water occupies most of the surface of our planet. Continents are separated by the seas and oceans, and that is why the shipping routes are the most highly loaded through-passages, through which the largest commodity flows move.

Ships ensure about 75% of cargo turnover between countries. Transportation by sea is always multimodal cargo transportation. Such a complex transport operation involves the movement of goods by several modes of transport. However, after unloading in the port, it is required to bring the cargo to the customer, especially if it is a door-to-door delivery.

In this case, multimodal container transport is also often called intermodal. Since the cargo in this case are transported in a single package and under one carriage document.

Transoceanic shipping remains the cheapest for customers. But today, the organization of multimodal transportations, even on a short and medium transport leg, has proved its economic efficiency in the case of coastal navigation or the movement of vessels on the rivers with the subsequent sailing.

The cargo movement over water is historically the very first way of moving goods over long distances. Even before roads were built, people actively had used the rivers, which became real trade routes.

Currently, in Ukraine, the attempts to more actively use existing transport potential of the Dnieper and the Southern Bug have been made. The development of river navigation potentially expands the capabilities of owners of certain types of cargo.

Multimodal transportation from the “Neolit Logistics” ​​group of companies – is from loading to delivery

Our company is a logistics operator, which provides a full range of services for transportation, warehousing and legal support of the cargo transportation cycle.

For more than 10 years we have been dealing with:

  • Transportation of goods in accordance with its features;
  • Observance of required terms for loading, storage during transportation and unloading upon completion of cargo transportation;
  • Constant monitoring of the condition of the goods transported;
  • Risk prevention from reliable insurers;
  • Performance of handling operations, as well as delivery to the point most convenient for the Customer;
  • Executing transport documents package for exports and imports and the proper customs clearance of the goods;
  • Provision of foreign trade agent services.

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Multimodal cargo transportation - a single operator for all route sections

To provide our Customers with high-quality and inexpensive service, the most favorable prices for container multimodal transportation, we constantly monitor changes in freight rates and the situation on the world transport market. We constantly cooperate with leading operators of overseas container lines.

Availability of our own and leased fleet of trucks of various types and the system of contracts with other carriers, railway operators and air carriers allows us to develop flexible logistical schemes and convenient solutions for Customers.

You can clearly plan your economic activities, since a well-developed supply system in partnership with the Neolit Logistics group of companies makes it possible to reduce the volume of stocks to the production minimum. And this reduces our Customer’s financial costs of providing its own operating activities.

We provide transportation of various cargoes, including complicated and hazardous, in the most demanded directions.

If necessary, an individual logistic scheme is developed for the Customer, which can provide rhythmic deliveries of the desired goods at the right time to a specific place.