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Cargo transportation to Dnipro

Dnipro is one of the key industrial and business centers of Ukraine, where a large number of enterprises of various capacities and scales are concentrated. The city is among the fastest growing: here new companies are actively opening, expanding and modernizing old ones. In connection with the growing demand for cargo transportation in the Dnieper, our company Neolithic Logistics offers to perform the transportation of any cargo in the city and beyond.

We work in the market for more than ten years. During this time, thousands of orders have been fulfilled for the transportation of various types of products in Ukraine and abroad. We will help you organize the transportation of the Dnieper of any type, scale, quickly and at the best price.

Cargo transportation to Dnipro - features of the organization

To order the delivery of goods in the Dnieper, leave a request for a call back and our managers will contact to clarify the details of cooperation.

We do not just transport goods from the initial to the final destination, but provide a full range of services:

  • develop a route according to which the delivery of goods across the Dnieper will be performed;
  • we take care of the accompanying documents;
  • in case of need we insure the goods;
  • provide the transport that is best suited for the transport of a particular cargo;
  • we offer a car to accompany oversized and large-sized goods;
  • we organize and are responsible for the quality of loading and unloading activities;
  • we provide legal support for customs control in case of export of goods abroad.

With us, cargo transportation to Dnipro will be inexpensive. Affordable price does not mean that quality is declining. Our logisticians take every order as seriously as possible, regardless of tonnage (5 tons, 10tons or less), destination and cargo characteristics.

For optimal organization of work we involve not only road transport, but also sea, rail, if necessary, we use multimodal transportation.

The principle of calculation of freight Dnipro price per km

When calculating shipping Dnipro, the price includes not only the actual mileage that the car must overcome, but also the features of the cargo itself. For example, the cost of moving 10 tons of standard cargo will be lower than the bulk of the same tonnage.

Upon delivery of goods, the price for 1 km is the base rate, to which the cost of the additional services necessary for the implementation of a specific project is added:

  • permits of municipal authorities for the transport of bulk cargo;
  • obtaining permits for the delivery of hazardous and toxic substances in tanks;
  • the complexity of the route, due to the landscape or the presence of communications in the path of movement of technology.

The weight of the transported cargo also affects the final cost. The more - the higher the price.

In addition to direct deliveries, we carry out orders for combined transportation of goods on the Dnieper, the price of which is significantly lower than normal. In this case, the cost of all costs falls on the shoulders of not one, but several clients.

It is worth paying attention that the price of delivery depends on the season. During harvest, there is an increased demand for grain carriers, which leads to their shortage and an increase in the cost of transportation services.

In addition to the delivery of goods on the Dnieper and the region, our company provides transnational shipping to Europe and Asia. We undertake all work related to the paperwork for customs control.

Shipping on the Dnieper - the advantages of cooperation with Neolithic Logistics

We are a partner of many companies with which we have been working steadily for years. There are several reasons why customers choose us when transporting goods along the Dnieper:

  • guarantee that the goods will be delivered in integrity and safety;
  • solid experience allows you to organize work and fulfill the order as soon as possible;
  • the presence of a large fleet of own and rented vehicles (low-tonnage cars, dump trucks, refrigerators, tanks, tentovannye semi-trailers, etc.);
  • flexible pricing policy that makes our services available to both large enterprises and individuals;
  • the presence of a permanent staff of drivers with extensive experience.

Delivery of cargo to Dnipro by our company is carried out under the strict control of the customer, who at any time can track the location of the goods and its condition.

We strive to provide the best services, so in case of emergency situations we quickly make decisions to eliminate them.