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Our team

Main office
Pavlo Ivlev
Vladimir Lysokon
executive director
Sergey Kabatsky
head of the railway department
Sergey Levchenko
сommercial Director
Olesya Yurchenko
Head of HR
Ivan Lavrenko
head of logistic department
Ruslan Karpenko
Project Transportation Manager
Alexander Peterin
head of logistic department
Tatyana Shpanko
head of railway transportation department
Alexey Masur
Head of Customs Department
Natalya Babenko
Sydorenko Kateryna
Chief Accountant
Belkin Oleg
System Administrator
Tkachuk Maxim
security Service
Kyiv branch
Stanislav Zhadkov
Head of the railway sector of the central and western region
Anna Balyokha
head of logistic department
Kharkiv branch
Maria Nikolova
head of branch
Alexandr Pokoyovy
logistics manager
Lviv branch
Denys Vovk
head of branch
Oleg Labyak
Head of logistics department
Odessa branch
Anastasia Skoropinskaya
head of branch
Zaporozhye branch
Andriy Sakorsky
head of branch
Karina Guba
head of logistics department
Vinnytsia branch
Anastasia Movchan
Branch Director
Poltava branch
Anastasia Ryazantseva
logistics manager
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