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Foreign trade agent

The foreign trade agent services are an important element of foreign economic activity outsourcing. A legal entity that performs the search and purchase of goods on behalf and under authorization of the customer formally acts in this capacity.

At the same time, the authorized agent acts on behalf of the customer at all instances which performs control, registration and technical support for the transaction.

Neolit Logistics group of companies – is a foreign trade agent and carrier rolled into one

To the Customer’s benefit, the specialists of the Neolit Logistics group of companies carry out:

  • search for suppliers of products according to specification, price and geographical location with the preparation of the potential sellers list;
  • calculation of the supply cost;
  • conducting pre-contract negotiations in the interests of the Customer;
  • preparation, coordination and signing of FEA contracts;
  • registration of the transaction certificate;
  • payment of goods to a foreign counterparty;
  • preparation of tax reporting on the transaction.

Advantages of the widest foreign economic activity outsourcing are obvious for the Customer. The customer is completely exempted from searching suitable offers in the foreign market, negotiating and documenting the transaction, customs clearance and other obligatory procedures.

Agent or operator?

Foreign trade agent and FEA operator act as participants in foreign economic activity, while carrying out activities in the interests of third parties.

An additional advantage of the FEA operator is the provision of services for technical import or export, which allows the contractor to act as an importer of products with subsequent transfer of the goods to the customer. This saves the Client from the need to obtain registration as a participant in foreign economic activity. Unlike an agent, an operator can perform the function of an importer-recipient or exporter.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies - agree, execute, deliver

The Neolit Logistics group of companies carries out economic and legal support of the foreign economic transaction. Being a logistics operator with own vehicle fleet, we undertake the entire cycle of operations for transportation, handling, storage of contracted goods.

With full outsourcing of foreign economic activity, the added value of the operator is formed throughout the whole chain of services provided.

In this format of cooperation, the Neolit Logistics group of companies has the opportunity to provide its Customers with the most flexible and financially favorable terms.

At the same time, each Customer of the Company has the right to fix in the contract the outsourcing of a certain range of foreign economic activity tasks.

You can order the foreign trade agent services by signing an agreement between the Customer and the “Neolit Logistics” group of companies, which clearly specifies the framework for cooperation and the amount of agency fees.