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Standard cargo transportation

Standard goods under unified schemes - speed and cheapness

Standard cargo delivery is one of the most popular types of cargo transportation. These include transportation that does not require special temperature conditions or involving of special transport.

These goods have strictly defined dimensions and weight parameters:

  • width not exceeding 2.45 m;
  • length not exceeding 13.6 m;
  • height - within 3.1 m;
  • weight - up to 22 tons.

The cargo with such weight and dimensions is within the volume of the standard body (bed) or trailer. As a rule, such goods are transported in a unified package, enabling to standardize their loading and unloading, as well as provide the required storage format.

Most often these are container or awning transportations, which are mainly carried out by road, sea, railway transport.

Standard transportations both within the country and to other countries of the world do not require special permits and authorizations. And this has a beneficial effect on the cost of such transportation for the customer.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies transports any standard type cargo to any distances:

  • equipment, tools and measuring devices of various types;
  • food;
  • clothes, footwear, haberdashery;
  • building materials;
  • medicines and medical equipment;
  • furniture and fixtures;
  • sport equipment.

In a large Logistics company, standard cargo occupies the bulk of the commodity flow. That is why their maintenance is performed according to well-developed schemes with time and quality control.

Thanks to the versatility of the packaging and the simplicity of calculations, it is easy to determine the price of delivery of this cargo type. It directly depends on the mileage and additional services requested by the Customer.

Transportation of standard cargo in international traffic involves the customs clearance procedure and loading/unloading operations.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies provides its Customers with the whole range of services for moving cargo consignments within the country and abroad:

  • customs brokerage service range;
  • insurance of cargo and liability of the carrier;
  • warehousing and handling of goods;
  • online control over the movement and location of the goods (cargo tracking).