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Transportation of cargoes

Transportation of consolidated cargo is a perfect option if you need to deliver a relatively small cargo that does not occupy a whole freight car or to carry a small-sized shipment through the territory of Ukraine. This service is very cost-effective and not devoid of all the advantages of a full-fledged delivery. By ordering it from the Neolit Logistics group of companies, you’ll save money and get almost all the benefits of transporting a standard cargo - speed, reliability and insurance.

Mechanically the transportation of consolidated cargo is as follows. When exporting, cargo from various customers shall be collected in our warehouse. They are leaving the warehouse with a sufficient volume or by shipping to the same direction. In the country of arrival, they are unloaded to the central warehouse and from there to the recipients’ warehouses. Import delivery takes place in a reverse order. Therefore, you do not pay for an empty seat in a vehicle or a railway car. Transportation of consolidated cargoes is much more cost-efficient than other delivery methods. You send cargoes in any accessible direction and do not overpay a penny.

Transportation of consolidated cargo works faster than postal services. And given that the dispatching such cargoes by the Neolit Logistics group of companies takes place on a daily basis, this is the best speed of delivery for a reasonable price one can ever wish.

The geography of the consolidated cargo delivery performed by us is quite extensive. The most popular destinations are in Eurasia. These are the EU countries, former and current members of the CIS, the Baltic region, China, and Vietnam. But we will transport consolidated cargo to any part of the world, not limited to any specific directions. To learn more about the service, you just need to contact our managers and request advice. They will gladly answer all the questions, calculate the cost of delivery and help with other nuances.

Consolidated cargo transportation stands alone among all delivery services, as it is actively used by individuals, small, medium-sized businesses and even some large companies. For small and medium-sized businesses, consolidated cargo, in general, is almost the only opportunity to save on logistics, but to receive high-quality and timely delivery. They are especially relevant in view of the widespread active purchases of small businesses in China. Postal service is either very expensive, or it takes a very long time, and the consolidated cargoes ordered from the Neolit Logistics Group of Companied do not hit in the pockets and arrive on time.

Delivery of groupage cargoes to Europe and Ukraine with the Neolit Logistics

The cancellation of a number of duties after the signing of an association agreement between the EU and Ukraine led to the mutual opening of markets and a significant increase in trade flows between the parties to the agreement.

Not only large companies that are able to form large commodity lots and transport them on their own transport are involved in the turnover. GC Neolit Logistics ​​offers optimal solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, delivering consolidated cargoes from Europe.

Any of our customers can save by refusing to rent a separate transport unit to transport a small batch of goods. We will place the goods in a consolidated consignment, complete with the goods of various customers.

Consolidated cargo Ukraine-Europe is formed in such a way that the goods transported together can be placed in the same vehicle in accordance with the rules for their storage and transportation. The customer pays only for the amount of space occupied in the body, which minimizes transportation costs.
Delivery of consolidated consignments with the Neolit Logistics

We use our own consolidation warehouses in Europe and fully control the process of picking, loading, delivery and customs clearance of such consignments.

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with a large number of customers, international combined transportations are carried out by the Neolit Logistics ​​Group on a regular basis. This allows our clients to plan business processes, knowing how long the cargo will arrive in the country. We not only carry out transportation in a warehouse-warehouse format, but also are ready to arrange delivery of the goods to a specific address.

The presence of our own and leased fleet allows us not only to provide intercountry transportation of goods, but also to organize distribution through the cities of the country and even individual outlets in the interests of customers.