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A significant decline in cargo transportation in Lithuania: a decrease of 19.9% for the year


For the tribute of the State Agency for Data, for the rest of the year, the transportation of various types of transport in Lithuania has changed. The largest decline was observed in rail transport, the change was 46.1%, and also in maritime transport - 36.4%. Domestic water transportation shrank by 12.2%, and motor vehicles - by 10.6%.

In general, the cost of all types of transport decreased by 19.9%. For automobile transport, then 87.4% of the total turnover fell on the new one, and 12.5% on the railroad. During the fourth quarter, cargo transportation reached 12 million tons, which is 10.9% less than before. Zagalom, the majority of vans in Lithuania - 67.4% - are transported by cars.

International baggage transportation also changed by 30.3%, and the most important baggage - 72.9% - is transported by road. The change of the vantage transports was carried out on the aphids of the border, which was caused by the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. Thus, cargo transportation in the Republic of Belarus decreased by 91.7% by air and by 1% by road transport. At the leaf fall of 2022, the Minister of Transport of Lithuania, Marius Skuodis, made a thought that in order to fully support the transit of interests from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus through Lithuania, it is necessary to move both from Latvia and Estonia, as well as on the level of the European Union.

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