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Successful transportation with Neolit


We are happy to tell you about one of our latest logistics shipments, which was successfully completed by Neolit Logistics.

Route: c. Volya Bykovska, Poland - Dnipro, Ukraine.
Weight: 8.8 tons

This route was quite long, but thanks to our professional drivers and efficient logistics system, the transportation was fast and safe. We use GPS tracking technologies to ensure constant control over the route and movement of cargo.

Our logistics team planned each stage of transportation taking into account various factors such as road conditions, time, customer needs and others. We ensured reliable and safe delivery of the cargo to its destination on time and without any problems.

We are proud of our team who did everything possible to ensure the successful completion of this shipment. We always work for the result to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We are always here to help with your logistics needs!

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