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Organization of international transportation of military equipment to the exhibition


     The result of the flawless work of the company's specialists was the receipt of the Certificate of the State Export Control Service of Ukraine (State Export Control) for the right to cross military cargo across the border of Ukraine to the territory of more than 50 countries of the world. The certificate of the SSEC of Ukraine entitles the Neolith Logistics Group of Companies to provide services for the delivery and forwarding of your goods at international military exhibitions. The last of these exhibitions was Lima2019, Malaysia.
     According to the results of the tender won by the logistics of the company, air delivery of the cargo was organized, as well as its forwarding at the exhibition and return to Ukraine. These works were carried out for 3 months, in accordance with the regulations of the general forwarder of the exhibition, and also taking into account the peculiarities of local legislation.
     Logistics support consisted of six stages:

  •     customs clearance of goods in Ukraine in the mode of export and temporary export;
  •     customs clearance of goods in the country of the exhibition in the mode of import and temporary import;
  •     delivery and forwarding at the exhibition;
  •     customs clearance of temporarily imported cargo at the exhibition;
  •     return and customs clearance in Ukraine temporarily exported goods.
  •     delivery to the recipient's warehouse.

     Cargo delivery in Kuala Lumpur was completed on time, which made it possible to pass through the airport and customs formalities, as well as deliver the cargo to the stand directly at the exhibition site without additional costs. Taking into account the geography of transportation, the delivery and forwarding of cargo were organized at two airports of transhipment, where it was constantly under the control of the freight forwarder. The customer was informed at each stage of the current location of the exhibits. At the end of the exhibition, the cargo was returned to the cargo owner in Ukraine as soon as possible.
     The specifics of these deliveries require special control and well-coordinated interaction between all participants at all its stages in order to avoid any delays and additional financial costs. Neolithic LOGISTICS Group of Companies guarantees full responsibility for the forwarding of exhibits, removing from their customers any concerns related to this.