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Transportation of valuable and expensive goods


     We have repeatedly spoken about how important it is to observe all safety rules for shipping, especially for valuable and costly goods. Neolith Logistics Group of Companies guarantees its customers the safe transportation of valuable goods.

     Partners of "NEOLIT Logistics" are producers and distributors of seeds and plant protection products, such as "Nasineniya" Trading House, Euras Semens Ukraine, Sedna-Agro and others. The cost of goods offered for carriage sometimes reaches several tens of millions of hryvnias. Therefore, our company takes a number of measures to ensure the safety of the cargo during transportation, including the protection and escort of employees of the State Security Service or company "Wenest".

     Last month, the transportation of seeds was carried out, the cost of 14 tons was 44 million UAH. It is used exclusively for the cultivation of high quality seed. This is the so-called "father of all seeds." This is exactly what is stored in a special store in Arctica smiley

     The vehicle that carried the carriage was equipped with a GPS-monitoring system, which allowed tracking its location. In addition, an agreement was signed on the accompaniment of the cargo with LLC "VENBEST". We must pay tribute to the security guards. Despite the fact that the terms of the contract provide for the provision of services for a certain period of time, and the process of loading and transporting lasted much longer, the guard and escort was carried out before the end of the unloading.

     Such an approach to the organization of transportation increases the credibility of the company, receives positive feedback from partners and expands the horizons of cooperation with them.