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Mobility package: difficulties faced by Lithuanian carriers during the year of its operation


The mobility package adopted by the European Union in 2020 has become a challenge for Lithuanian carriers. The new rules have affected many aspects of shipping, and carriers have faced a number of challenges in adjusting to the new environment.

One of the main problems was the introduction of a system of digital tachographs to control the rest and working hours of drivers. Despite the fact that this rule has been introduced since 2006, its observance has not always been strictly controlled. However, with the introduction of the new rules of the Mobility Package, carriers were forced to pay more attention to the observance of the rules for the work of drivers.

Also, carriers had to face problems in obtaining licenses for the transport of goods between the EU countries. Since the introduction of the new rules, the process of obtaining licenses has become more complex and lengthy. The need to obtain new documents and certificates, as well as an increase in bureaucratic procedures, has led to an increase in time and costs for obtaining the necessary permits.

In this regard, some carriers have begun to consider the possibility of reducing the volume of international traffic and reorienting to more local markets. However, such a move could lead to a decrease in revenue and loss of market share.

In general, the Mobility Package has become a challenge for Lithuanian carriers, but their adaptability and willingness to change have allowed them to maintain their position in the market.

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