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Oversized cargo transportation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic


In April 2020, employees of the central office of Neolith Logistics Group of Companies successfully organized the international delivery of oversized cargo in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic along the route Belgium - Ukraine.

When compiling a transportation map, the company's specialists faced the problem of the lack of the number of necessary workers at the loading site due to quarantine in the country of departure. Thanks to the professionalism of the employees of Neolith Logistics Group of Companies, and in synergy with the customer, an oversized cargo loading plan was developed, which allowed loading operations to be carried out under the current conditions. The transportation itself was carried out as normal and, despite partial restrictions and the closure of a large number of checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine, was carried out as soon as possible. Oversized cargo was delivered intact to the final destination.

The company's specialists are ready for the challenges that present us with the current realities of cargo transportation in Europe, and will be happy to help you organize the delivery of goods of any complexity.

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