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Neolit ​​Logistics employees conquered Elbrus


“Every year, in August, my friends and I go to the mountains.” That is how in our case it is possible to rephrase the famous quote from everyone’s favorite movie laugh

Last year, our guys already conquered such a complex Mont Blanc, and in 2017 - the magnificent Kazbek. 2019 was no exception. A few days ago, Neolit ​​Logistics employees climbed Mount Elbrus. 08/02/2019 Neolithians unfurled a corporate flag at an altitude of 5,642 m. This time teambuilding lasted only a few days (except for the road), due to weather conditions they stormed the mountain using the express method, almost without acclimatization

On Monday, the group began the ascent. Pass Ofitserov, 3 800 m. Here our guys were overtaken by bad weather. Rain, thunderstorm. Quoting the participants of the event, “it was ominously beautiful.” According to the guys (and they already have something to compare with), the conquest of Elbrus turned out to be much more difficult than expected. Climbing from the base camp at 4,100 m to the peak of 5,642 m took about 8 hours. That very long-awaited moment! Elbrus is conquered, the traditional photo with the Neolithic flag on the top is done! The descent took less than 6 hours. And now the guys are already planning the climb 2020.

We sincerely congratulate our colleagues on conquering the next peak! We are proud of you and wish you not to stop there!