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For example, hold an interesting meeting with partners, sign documents and have a cup of coffee. And at this time we are working with your cargo in Europe as follows:
A 40-foot container arrived for unloading at our Polish warehouse in Chelm. It contains 940 individual non-palletized boxes of different sizes with a total weight of 10 tons.
Interesting fact: the use of cargo vehicles with a piece of non-palletized cargo is impossible. Therefore, warehouse employees manually disband the container and take the goods for safekeeping.
And so you start your meeting, sign the documents and almost finish your coffee, and we:
We manually load a full 20-ton truck that is NOT palletized with a load.
We fix boxes during the loading process for safe transportation, taking into account the loads on the auto axle.
We draw up packages of documents for the smooth passage of the border and customs clearance at the destination.
Our Polish brokers issue EX.
The car goes to the border crossing
That's it ... You finished your coffee - we did it too!

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