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For the first time in the Dnieper Logistics School LOGISTICMASTER 2.0!


For the first time, the "School of Logistics" will open its doors in the Dnieper! Three days of intensive training with the best speakers of Ukraine in the field of logistics.

The purpose of this course is to familiarize participants with the full cycle of logistics at the enterprise, taking into account all possible logistics operations.

During the training you:

  • Systematize existing knowledge, get new interesting examples in logistics that you can apply in your daily work.
  • You can build a logistic chain of interconnection between departments in logistics.
  • Exchange invaluable experience with colleagues and trainers to allow you to take a fresh look at ordinary logistic processes.

The program of the event:


1.1. The concept of logistics.
1.2. Logistics functions.
1.3. Building a supply chain of goods.
1.4. Organization of interaction in the supply chain.
1.5. Providing a competitive advantage through logistics capabilities.
1.6. Logistics at different phases of the product life cycle.
1.7. The strategy of organizing logistics in the enterprise.
1.8. Defining tactics for implementing strategies.
1.9. The role of the supply chain information flow and its requirements.


2.1. Vehicles, types of transportation.
2.2. Selection of vehicles, advantages and disadvantages.
2.3. Carrier selection criteria.
2.4. Routing and its tasks.
2.5. Types and characteristics of routes.
2.6. How to calculate the performance of transport.
2.7. Route selection methods.
2.8. Comparison criteria for individual modes of transport.
2.9. Document management in transport.
2.10. Features clearance of goods during transportation in Ukraine and international.
2.11. Import / export workflow.
2.12. Reduction and optimization of costs in transport logistics.
2.13. Management, accounting and control in transport.
2.14. Compensation Philosophy, KPI Transport Department.


3.1. What is the role of inventory management in the supply chain of goods.
3.2. How to create a dynamic inventory management system that takes into account factor demand.
3.3. Assortment categorization and building a sales representation system.
3.4. Stock classification, ABC analysis (practical examples and tasks).
3.5. Stock classification, XYZ analysis (practical examples and tasks).
3.6. Stock classification, correlation coefficient.
3.7.Matrix of product group management strategies.
3.8. Matrices of product group management strategies - category management method.
3.9. Rationing of stocks.
3.10. Inventory turnover. The ratio of turnover or how to work without investment.
3.11. Balanced assortment - minimum deficit with maximum high turnover goods.
3.12. Assessment of the effectiveness of inventory management.
3.13. How to return working capital frozen in illiquid assets, increase turnover, improve Cash flow.

Event Information:

  • Format - Training
  • Dates - March 13-15, 2020
  • Location - coworking SoftWork
  • Speakers - Alexey Masur Karina Aboyan Alena Tarasevich (Krashina) Kirill Chenkalov Evgeny Nikushin Pavel Stepanenko

Cost - 6 500 UAH. *

* Included in the price:

  • Handout,
  • Participant's personal certificate
  • dinner,
  • coffee breaks

Possible discounts on participation (discounts are not cumulative):

  • To participants of TradeMaster conferences - 5%;
  • With the participation of 2 people from the company - 5%;
  • With the participation of 3 people or more - 10%

To register, fill out the form on the website of the official organizer of the event!

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