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What are the plans of the MIU to resolve the issue of bandwidth between Ukraine and Poland


Huge queues on the Ukrainian-Polish border have long hampered the work of carriers, because the track at the beginning of autumn reached more than 15 km. Even before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, the governments of Ukraine and Poland were discussing ideas to expand the current border crossings and create a new one, which would speed up the entire border crossing process. The main difficulty was that Ukraine is currently not a member of the EU, which slows down the entire procedure.
Infrastructure ministers of the two countries have responded to constant complaints from Ukrainian and Polish carriers, and in the near future it is planned to create a negotiating group to resolve this issue. What, according to the forecasts of the Deputy MIU, may mean the opening of a new border crossing in half a year, but it is also necessary to modernize all stages of the customs crossing, which can take a long time, but at the same time transfer some of the work to the electronic plane.

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