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Everything for the comfort of our drivers!


When designing the first trucks, most of all attention was paid to physical ergonomics, since the load on the human body during a long trip is very large. Now that the main issues are easily resolved, it is important to take care of the comfort of the drivers: about the seats!
Even a comfortable seat is considered a competitive advantage for carriers to retain their drivers, because in addition to convenience, it is also the driver's safety throughout the journey.

“We would not want to lose the driver because of the uncomfortable seat. Drivers don't hesitate to talk when they feel uncomfortable. This encourages us to continually explore the different seating options and make sure we are one step ahead by giving them the best possible option. "
Kyle Neumann, Director of Technical Services Foodliner

Therefore, more attention in the seats on the part of the designers is paid precisely to the features of the physique, since every year more and more women become drivers. Seat heating and cooling technology is also being actively developed. It is used more in passenger cars, but it is becoming more and more in demand in the freight market.

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