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Experience of international transportation of orangutans


     Probably, you have already heard that new residents, orangutans, arrived at the Kharkov Zoo (which is still under reconstruction). So, it was Neolith Logistics Group of Companies that organized the delivery and customs clearance of орыory and Flora to Kharkov. The carriage itself was very successful, and most importantly - mega-fast!

     The main difficulties encountered in organizing this shipment are:

  • Paperwork. Our “passengers” (after all, we cannot call оруora and Flora a “load” laugh) had to go through hard veterinary control, pass a lot of tests, get a number of vaccinations. All information should have been included in a special certificate in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian veterinarians.
  • Non-stop traffic. That is why the animals were so quickly delivered to the place of discharge. After all, it was possible to overcome the distance of 3200 km in just 57 hours, including passing the Ukrainian border in just 38 minutes! At 9:00 on 9/07/2019 in the French Zoo La Boissière du Doré, the loading of animals began, and at 17:25 07/07/2019, unloading began at the Kharkov Zoo. Naturally, one person can not be so much time behind the wheel, so the drivers were sent in advance by plane to the place of the "changing of the guard".
  • Aviary as a temporary customs clearance area. That is, it was necessary to protect the territory right in the zoo, designate it as the “Place of temporary customs clearance”, and invite the customs inspector. Zhora and Flora did not feel the complexity of the process. They simply counted the information on the chips, and they continued to live a normal life, and the process of customs clearance continued the very next day.

     It is worth noting that this kind of carriage should be carried out only by a European licensed carrier, consisting in EAZA, having specially adapted cars. Therefore, six months ago we began negotiations with Crossborder Animal Services BV, which became our partner in this transportation. All the way, the animals were accompanied by a French keeper - an employee of the Zoo La Boissière du Doré, who fed them, fed them and watched their physical and psychological condition.

      By the way, these are the first Sumatran orangutans officially brought to Kharkov!

     All the above actions were taken for the sole purpose of creating maximum comfort and minimum stress for animals! Employees of the Kharkov branch of the problem was solved at the highest level. Having such a successful experience, the Neolithians hope to organize the delivery of such extraordinarily beautiful “goods” again, but already from Switzerland and Hungary.

     After completion of the reconstruction of the Kharkov Zoo, each visitor will be able to see all the animals with their own eyes.