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International Dragon Shipping


Have you ever been in a fairy tale?

The Vinnytsia branch of the Neolit ​​Logistics group of companies was lucky not only to visit there, but also to organize the delivery of a wonderful fairy tale to the real world smiley

We have done a tremendous job to bring unique animated dragons from the most fantastic stories, books and movies to life and give magic to others.
Our fairy-tale characters have made a difficult journey from Kiev to Warsaw. And on this path they encountered many trials and obstacles. But, thanks to the share of magic and fantastic professionalism of the managers of the Vinnytsia branch, the fairy tale with the Dragons came to life on time.

We organized the delivery of mythical figures, the sizes of which reached from 2 to 9 meters. These wonderful creatures rode in 4 twenty-ton tilt trucks under the careful control of our logisticians.

Every kilometer of movement of trucks with a "fairy tale" inside was planned and thought out to the smallest detail. Roaring and moving dragons traveled with pleasure and were completely safe.
As it turned out, nothing is impossible and even fabulous magic can be transported by car.
It is worth noting that no Dragon was injured during transportation.

We do not use magic, we just do our job well.
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