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Delivery of equipment to the exhibition in Germany


In November, the Kharkov branch of the Neolit ​​Logistics Group of Companies organized and successfully delivered the exhibition equipment to the exhibition in Nuremberg and back to Ukraine.

For our UBC Group Client, as well as for any exhibitor, it is very important to deliver the goods safe and sound, as well as to arrive at the destination on time. After all, BrauBeviale is an event that all European manufacturers have been waiting for a whole year.

For transportation, a coupling of 120 cubic meters was involved, as well as two 20-ton trucks. Exhibition equipment included refrigerators for drinks and stands for the exhibition pavilion.

Transportation and escort of goods to international exhibitions is a time-consuming and complicated process from the point of view of customs clearance and, directly, transportation. In this case, a temporary import of goods to a certain country is executed. The entire period of the exhibition, and this is usually a few days, transport and drivers are waiting for the end of the event to deliver the exhibition equipment back.

As for organizational issues, there are also nuances that require attention. A car with exhibition equipment must enter the event at a clearly defined time. At the end of the exhibition, in the same way, at the indicated time - enter for equipment loading and leave the territory. Being late even for 10-15 minutes is fraught with the fact that the driver, having missed the turn, is obliged to wait until all cars arriving on time leave. Obviously, the Client runs the risk of not having time to equip his exhibition area before the event.

But the Neolit ​​Logistics group of companies, having vast experience, took into account all the subtleties of delivering exhibition equipment to international exhibitions, completed the project at the highest level and on time agreed by the Client.