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Our permanent clients are the largest companies of Ukraine and abroad.

The Neolit Logistics group of companies has been working on the market of domestic and international freight transportation for more than 15 years and today is one of the leading companies in the logistics market of Ukraine.

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Pavlograd grain company

Automobile transportation

Our organization PE “Pavlograd Grain Company” has repeatedly used the services of the transport company “Neolit-Group” in the organization of transportation. During the cooperation, the logistics company proved its high competence in the organization of complex road transports, the ability to solve extremely complex tasks and carry out transportation within clear deadlines. In the future,...

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Poultry farm Ternopilska

Automobile transportation

On the basis of Contract No. 3161/260922-1 dated September 26, 2022, the transport and logistics company “NEOLIT-GRUP” LLC provides our company with services for the organization of cargo transportation by freight transport in international traffic. LLC “NEOLIT-GRUP” provided transport and forwarding services for the organization of international transportation of goods by road transport, services for...

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Dnipro, Ukraine
Automobile transportation

We would like to thank the brokers “Neolit Logistik” from our company Junk for their high competence, efficiency and solving complex tasks in the registration of the import of automobile spare parts.We will continue to cooperate with the company “Neolit Logistics” and will sincerely recommend it.

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Lviv, Ukraine
Automobile transportation

LLC “Svytyaz” has already used the services of the transport company “NEOLIT GROUP” more than once. During the cooperation, the logistics company proved its high competence in the organization of road transportation, the ability to solve complex tasks and perform transportation within clear deadlines. in the future, we plan to use the services and recommend...

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Freight transport to Sweden – by car across the sea

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  • Full cargo escort
  • GPS tracking
  • Loans to regular customers
  • Individual approach

Sweden is one of the reliable economic partners of Ukraine. This explains the large trade turnover between our countries. And today the most popular and profitable way of transporting products and raw materials from Ukraine to Sweden is delivery by road. This is due to the following factors:

  • the impossibility of sending a number of products by air;
  • high cost of delivery by rail;
  • transportation to Sweden can be carried out on a door-to-door basis to the most remote corners where there is no rail or air connection;
  • a simple package of accompanying documents;
  • availability of warehouse services along the route;
  • selection of transport taking into account the characteristics of the cargo – dimensions, destination, packaging.

However, with all the pluses, the transportation of goods to Sweden has its own specifics. It differs from the delivery of goods in Ukraine or domestic transportation within the European Union. After all, the processes must comply with the norms and standards of two parties at once – the country of departure and the country of receipt. Vehicle requirements are changing. And most importantly, it is necessary to prepare an accompanying package of documents, ensure customs legalization, and pay duties. If transportation to Sweden is carried out by a beginner, some nuances may not be taken into account. This is fraught with a delay at the border or along the route, arrest and even re-export of the cargo. Business in this case loses its reputation, contract and even a partner. To prevent this from happening, the delivery of goods to Sweden should be carried out by an experienced transport company.

Neolit ​​Logistics is a carrier with extensive experience, a strong technical base and competent personnel. We have been carrying out transportation from Ukraine to Sweden for many years, despite any social and political processes taking place in the world and Europe. The company did not stop its activities during the pandemic, and continues to do so today, taking a number of measures to ensure that the cargo is delivered safe and sound, on schedule.

How do we deliver goods to Sweden and back?

  1. Collection of information
  2. Cost approval
  3. Route planning
  4. Packaging and labelling of cargo
  5. Shipping

Business trusts “Neolit ​​Logistics” cargo transportation to Sweden for the following reasons:

  • Having your own solid fleet of vehicles saves customers money, because subcontractor services are excluded, and you can also choose a car taking into account the nature of the cargo. Small consignments of goods can be transported as part of a combined consignment. For a large batch of products, we will supply trucks. For perishable cargo, isotherms and refrigerators will be used. Oversized equipment will be transported by platforms.
  • We carry out transportation to Sweden of liquid, oversized, dangerous – any cargo. It can be food, chemicals, expensive medical equipment. Our capabilities allow us to transport the production line to a new location.
  • The company employs customs brokers, logisticians, warehouse workers, profile managers. At each stage, a competent person is responsible for the implementation of the project.
  • In order for the transportation of goods from Sweden and back (Ukraine) to take place without delay, we will undertake the preparation of accompanying documentation, we will provide escort of the train, customs brokerage.
  • We carry out cargo insurance to prevent financial losses of the client in the event of emergency situations.
  • We follow the transportation schedule, provide loading in Ukraine and unloading at the destination using mechanized equipment.
  • If warehouse services are required in the process of cargo transportation, we will use our own warehouse space in Ukraine and the EU countries.
  • We control the transportation process through electronic systems.

The owner of the cargo can at any time find out the status of the shipment by phone or by e-mail, and there is also an option to “track the shipment” on the company’s website.

Delivery of goods to Sweden: what will the client get?

Neolit ​​Logistics offers a range of specialized services. For cargo owners, this means individual pricing, guarantees. There is no need to be distracted by solving transport and logistics tasks, as we will take them upon ourselves. We will deliver any cargo on a turnkey basis within the agreed timeframe, safe and sound.

How much does trucking to Sweden cost?

The calculation of the cost of services for each client is carried out according to a formula that takes into account the following factors:

  • nature, weight, dimensions of the cargo;
  • distance between warehouses;
  • delivery terms;
  • a package of secondary services (accompaniment, paperwork).

You can find out the details by contacting the Neolit ​​Logistics manager. It is enough for you to voice the input data for the specialist to calculate the preliminary price of cargo transportation. We are waiting for you at the office. And if you are unable to come in person, we will provide consultation by phone.