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International transportation of modular homes


     Neolit ​​Logistics has received an order for the transportation of two energy-efficient modular homes on the route Ukraine-Germany. The Kiev branch team has begun to organize and coordinate all the nuances of the delivery of this cargo.

     Parameters of each house:

  • length - 12.3 m
  • width - 3.6 m
  • height - 3.4 m

     The main difficulty was that the structures were not sufficiently rigid and had a large area (windows, glass doors were built into the house, exterior lights were withdrawn and a final interior finish was ready, including plumbing). Based on this, the house had to be transported on a flat surface, and the low loader was not suitable due to the small footprint. There was a risk of sagging cargo with all the ensuing consequences. For consideration they took the option of filing for loading two megatrailers with registration of additional permits to travel through the territory of Poland and Germany. After the travel arrangements were agreed with the Polish and German authorities, the most optimal route was selected and the cargo was ordered.

     Thanks to the coordinated work of the team, modular homes are delivered on time and are already delighting their new residents.