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Every day there are new achievements in Neolit Logistics!

Transportation of oversized cargo in the direction of Heist-op-den-Berg (Belgium) to Kholodnaya Balka (Ukraine)

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Reliable cooperation with Neolit Logistics Group of Companies

It is always more pleasant for each company to realize that there are more and more regular Clients.

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Transportation of a printer from Neolit Logistics Group

Our today's version this news item is dedicated to Lviv region to the branch that up this week I already did move...

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Helicopter transportation from Neolit Logistics

New day - new victories

The Dnipro branch received an appeal for the transportation of an unusual oversized cargo - a helicopter.

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Transportation of a transformer

Every day the company "Neolit Logistics" has more and more transports!

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Transportation of the engine block of the gas compressor unit

For us, each task is a new challenge!

In early December, Neolit ​​Logistic received a request to transport the engine block of a gas compressor unit (GPA-10-01) for main gas pipelines (weighing 32 tons, and its parameters were 11.5x3.6x4.2).

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