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Experience of international transportation of orangutans

Probably, you have already heard that new residents, orangutans, arrived at the Kharkov Zoo (which is still under reconstruction). So, it was Neolith Logistics Group of Companies that organized the delivery and customs clearance of орыory and Flora to Kharkov. The carriage itself was very successful, and most importantly - mega-fast!

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International transportation of modular homes

Neolit ​​Logistics has received an order for the transportation of two energy-efficient modular homes on the route Ukraine-Germany. The Kiev branch team has begun to organize and coordinate all the nuances of the delivery of this cargo.

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Football Tournament 2019

The second open mini-football tournament organized by the Neolit ​​Logistics Group of Companies ended yesterday.

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Team Neolit ​​Logistics ran Dnipro Half Marathon

On May 26, a long-awaited sports event, Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon, took place in the Dnipro. Our neolitfamily also took part in the race, because we always promote a healthy lifestyle.

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The organization of transportation of the tunneling miner for the Stepnaya mine

The Neolit Logistics group of companies has vast experience in the transportation of agricultural equipment, including combines.

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Transportation of valuable and expensive goods

We have repeatedly spoken about how important it is to observe all safety rules for shipping, especially for valuable and costly goods. Neolith Logistics Group of Companies guarantees its customers the safe transportation of valuable goods.

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Organization of international transportation of military equipment to the exhibition

The result of the impeccable work of the company's specialists was the receipt of the Certificate of the State Export Control Service of Ukraine

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Non-standard solutions are the key to the success of the Neolit ​​Logistics team

Neolit ​​Logistics has received an order for the transportation of equipment for the production of meat products on the route Germany - Ukraine.

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