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International road transport

«Neolit Logistics » performs international road cargo transportation of goods from Ukraine or through its territory. The company's main business areas are the European Union countries The European Union, the CIS, and Asia. We have our own and rented vehicle fleet and warehouses for temporary storage of goods, which allows us to carry out transportation. cargo delivery in the shortest possible time. In addition, we have our own and partner representative offices in various countries, which allows us to guarantee the integrity and timely delivery of cargo to its destination.

International road cargo transportation is complicated by the fact that the cargo must pass through customs control. Passing this mandatory procedure -the task is not easy and without experience , it is almost impossible to successfully pass customs clearance on your own.

Neolit managers and customs brokers know how to build a dialogue with the customs service, what documents are required for the cargo to be transported across the border. We take care of all the paperwork, issue the necessary certificates, and pay customs fees.

Advantages and features of international road cargo transportation

Among the different ways of delivering goods to different countries, it is international road cargo transportation that is in the greatest demand. This popularity is due to the advantages that this type of transportation can offer.

  • Efficiency. Unlike other delivery methods, a car is the most convenient and fast one. It doesn't need to follow any schedules or wait for the right time to send it.
  • Mobility. An airplane or railway transport delivers cargo to a certain place, after which you will somehow have to call a special car. If you immediately send the cargo by car, you can bring it even to hard -to-reach areas or directly to the warehouse.
  • Savings. Thanks to the car , you can save significantly, especially if you use the services of professionals Neolithic Logistics. The cost of transportation is significantly lower than that of other transportation methods.
  • Control. The cargo owner can track its location at any time , or a special freight forwarder can be assigned to the goods .

International road transport is predominant in the developed world. The main reason this trend - well -developed road network, the presence of autobahns and expressways. This factor allows you to deliver quickly cargo with minimal financial expenses.

The cost of international road transport services from our company is always low and affordable. The price depends on the type of transport used, the product to be delivered, and the length of the route.

Why you need to order international road cargo transportation from us

International road cargo transportation is one of the main activities of the company. We have been working on the market for 13 years and provide our services to Ukrainian and foreign clients. We have there is a staff of experienced drivers and mechanics. We use new equipment or cars with minimal mileage. We monitor the status of the fleet and regularly update it, because the use of old cars reduce the profitability of services, which negatively affects the entire business.

Any types of cargo

Any types of cargo

Loans to regular customers

Loans to regular customers



Address delivery

Address delivery

We work with all types of cargo:

  • bulk
  • oversized
  • bulky
  • threat
  • for a special purpose

to order international cargo transportation, just contact us at the numbers indicated on the website or leave a message send your contacts in the feedback form-we will get in touch with You and answer your questions.

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International road cargo transportation - this is a method of transportation of goods, which is the most popular among entrepreneurs. This type of transportation has many advantageous features and is suitable for different types of transportation. it also allows you to quickly deliver goods to your destination.

Why can't international road cargo transportation be performed independently?

International road cargo transportation should be performed strictly by specialists who have previously delivered goods across the border. The difficulty is that each country has your requirements for cargo, vehicle, driver's skills, as well as documentation and permits. Any trifle, a small problem or inaccuracy in the information can cause the cargo to be delayed at the border. Or the state can issue a fine for non-compliance with the laws.

and these are just the main problems, but you first need to create an exact travel route, taking into account the ban on driving on certain routes. Then you need to collect and prepare a package of documents, load the goods in the warehouse, choose the right car and much more. Therefore, be sure to use the services of a logistics company.

Order international road cargo transportation to Neolit Logistics

International road cargo transportation - this is a complex and time-consuming procedure that must be performed by professionals. If you want to order a transportation service for goods, please contact a specialized Neolit Logistics, which can deliver any product to the place of receipt in the shortest possible time.

With the company Neolit logistics you will get the best services in the shortest possible time at an affordable price.

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