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Shipping to Canada

Cargo transportation to Canada - inside the country through the ocean

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. Second in area, it is among the top ten world leaders in terms of GDP. In the presence of powerful commodity industries - oil production, logging, fishing - has a developed processing industry and mechanical engineering.

Cargo transportation from Canada to Ukraine has grown significantly thanks to the signing of a comprehensive free trade agreement between countries. Significant volumes of goods move between countries without paying customs duties, which cheapens and accelerates logistics.

GC Neolit Logistics provides the entire cycle of transportation of cargoes of different types and volumes between Canada and Ukraine, providing a comprehensive service:

  •     services of foreign trade agent, search of partners and preparation of international contracts;
  •     customs broker service for all groups of goods;
  •     services for forming the route and providing transport;
  •     warehousing and handling of goods.

A significant part of shipments from Ukraine to Canada are some food products, metallurgy and chemical products.

In turn, Canada exports a wide range of goods, including specialized transport, agricultural machinery, telecommunication equipment, metals, textiles, livestock products and crop production.

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Transportation of goods to Canada - by oceans and canals

International sea transportations from Canada are carried out at 174 seaports. The port with the largest transshipment is located on the Pacific coast - it's Vancouver, where the largest container terminal with a capacity of 2.8 million TEU is located. A series of harbors with a large cargo turnover operates on the East Coast in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Halifax. Not all of these ports are located directly on the Atlantic coast.

Due to the St. Lawrence Sea route, even large ships pass from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes Region. Freight transportations from Ukraine to Canada for a number of destinations from non-overseas provinces are possible directly without additional transshipment. The length of this waterway is 3 370 kilometers.

Depending on the destination port, the delivery of goods to Canada from Ukraine will take 14-35 days. The price of transportation is optimized by the delivery of small batches of goods in the combined cargo.

Airmail to Canada

Delivery of cargo by plane to the addressee will take several days. About 400 hundred airports operate on the territory of the country, which can take passenger and cargo flights. The international status has ten. The total length of roads in the country is 1.1 million kilometers. Freight transport carries 55% of commercial cargoes.

In Canada, one of the highest rates in the world in the length of railways is 72,093 kilometers. By railways, wagons will come to the most remote regions and industrial centers. The networks of railways connect densely populated and economically developed territories of the water basins of the Atlantic and the Great Lakes, as well as the territories of the Pacific and Arctic Ocean coast. Locomotives carry about 20% of the cargo.

GC Neolit Logistics provides delivery of all kinds of cargoes between Canada and Ukraine according to optimal logistic schemes for the customer.