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International shipping

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One of the main components of the foreign trade is international goods transportation. «NEOLIT» has been working on the market of transportation service for nine years, gaining invaluable experience and improving the level of service in the field of international cargo transportation every year.

The gained experience allows execution of domestic and international road transport. Full convoy of cargo, which includes routing, execution of necessary document suite, monitoring of accomplishment, cargo safety, is the organization of international transportation.

«NEOLIT» gives a full service package on organization of export and import goods by road transport.

We provide freight and forwarding services for transportation of various types of cargo between the countries of the CIS (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), and Europe (Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, France, Spain, etc.). We serve export and import delivery of both conventional and specific goods which require compliance with certain conditions during transportation: perishable, liquid, hazardous, requiring special temperature conditions. We have over 500 units of equipment of any possible capacity having any type of cargo section for international cargo transportation.

We can provide customs and brokerage services virtually in every country where we perform cargo shipment.
All motor vehicles of the company have a book TIR carnet, which reduces your material costs and loss of time for customs and brokerage operations.
At the moment, 12 motor vehicles work according to the standard EKMT and can carry goods without additional customs costs and transshipping products in transit countries, for instance, from Italy to Kazakhstan.

Highly qualified experts of international traffic department will accept your order for shipping, choose a suitable rolling stock, develop an optimal route of traffic, calculate the cost of freight, and monitor the process of movement of goods from loading point to unloading point.

If necessary, we can provide vehicles with tonnage from 2 tons to 22 tons and capacity from 3 m3 to 120 m3 with tilt-covered cargo tank, isothermal, and refrigerating section, or road-tankers, container trucks, grain carriers and rear dump trucks, open platforms and special vehicles for oversized cargo transportation.