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Export customs clearance

Companies and individual entrepreneurs who decide to become exporters of manufactured goods are faced with the need to prepare documents for export during customs clearance. This procedure covers all categories of goods exported from Ukraine. It will be difficult for companies that have not previously worked in the direction of export to arrange goods for export without the help of a broker. As a rule, attempts to submit documents for customs clearance of exports result in refusals of customs clearance, delays or in the case of incorrect classification and incorrect preparation of documents by confiscation of the entire consignment and a fine.

Customs clearance of exports from Neolithic Logistics

Neolith Logistics has been operating in the freight transportation market for more than 10 years, in the field of customs brokerage services for more than 5 years. During the activity, company employees faced various difficult situations, difficulties during customs clearance and successfully solved them. Experience and knowledge allow us to guarantee that the customer’s goods will not be delayed, but customs clearance will pass quickly.

The procedure for customs clearance of goods in export mode.

Any, even the most insignificant mistake, a typo leads to the imposition of penalties and significant financial losses.

Even those companies that regularly deal with the clearance of exports from Ukraine may encounter problems at the border and in the internal customs during customs clearance.

Situations when you cannot do without the help of specialists:

  • the company began to engage in foreign economic activity recently and does not have experience in customs clearance;
  • export of goods is not the main activity of the enterprise and there is no customs broker in the state who would deal with all issues at the border;
  • fast delivery of perishable or valuable goods is required;
  • export of products is carried out to countries with strict customs control rules.

What is included in the customs clearance of export

Correct paperwork when exporting goods is the main condition for passing customs control. Therefore, the specialists of Neolithic Logistics pay much attention to this moment and carefully collect the entire list of documents:

  • customs accreditation card;
  • contract for foreign economic activity with all investments;
  • account (invoice) in Ukrainian language
  • information on the number of units of goods, including total weight and dimensions (packing list);
  • completed cargo customs declaration;
  • confirmation of passing the sanitary-epidemiological and other types of control;
  • description of the technical characteristics of the goods, quality certificates, composition;
  • consignment notes and other shipping documents;
  • contract with a transport company;
  • insurance;

When applying for help in processing goods for export to Neolith Logistics, in addition to the correct customs clearance, the client receives:

  • time saving;
  • expedited process of customs control;
  • solution of any problems associated with cargo crossing the border;
  • reasonable price of services, legal assistance and support.
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