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Customs broker in the Dnipro

Customs clearance is a complex procedure. As a rule, companies involved in the export or import of goods have difficulties associated with supporting documentation and filling out forms, forms, declarations. Entrepreneurs who are trying to independently import or export goods abroad are familiar with situations where, due to trifles, customs imposed penalties, arrests, and, as a result, delivery dates were broken. Any downtime will inevitably lead to financial losses, which often exceed the cost of customs broker services in the Dnipro

Customs broker in Dnipro from "Neolithic Logistics"

Neolith Logistics has been operating in the freight market for more than 10 years, in the field of customs brokerage services for more than 5 years, the company staff consists of professionals in their field who have enough knowledge and experience to find a way out of any situation. Customs brokerage services are one of the main activities. Customs agents of Neolithic Logistics know how to build a dialogue with customs officers and guarantee the execution of transportation for several hours.

Features of the provision of customs brokerage services in the city of Dnipro

The purpose of brokerage services is to protect the interests of the carrier or cargo owner during customs clearance at the border and in internal customs. Clients, behind whom there is support from the agent, feel more confident, nerves remain and do not worry about filling out documents, forms, forms - all this is done by a specially trained person.

The price of customs agent services includes not only escorting the client during the cargo crossing the border, but also the following measures:

  • advising the client on the list of documents required for unhindered border crossing;
  • calculation of the cost of customs clearance of transported goods;
  • filling in the cargo customs declaration;
  • passing various types of control (veterinary, phytocontrol, etc.) using the "Single Window"
  • classification of goods, cargo according to the Ukrainian commodity nomenclature (UKT FEA);
  • description of goods, cargo in the customs declaration;
  • filing a customs declaration and other shipping documents with the customs authorities;
  • passing through various customs controls when the Automatic Risk Analysis System is triggered (customs inspection, customs value control, goods classification control, intellectual property control).

For the customs control procedure to be successful, the agent needs to have full information about the cargo transported:

  • name of the transported goods;
  • origin of production, weight, dimensions;
  • supporting documents confirming the fact of purchase or registration of goods;
  • certificates, if required to obtain them.

Having received the necessary information, the customs broker operating from Neolith Logistics immediately begins to study these documents, evaluates all kinds of Risks in the classification of goods, preferences, etc.

Cases when customs clearance in the Dnipro is not possible without a broker

Clearance of goods through a broker is mandatory in the following cases:

the client began to engage in export-import of goods recently and has no experience in customs clearance of goods;
the company occasionally needs to import goods from abroad, so the state does not have a customs broker;
transportation of urgent goods, the downtime of which is unacceptable;
Advantages of customs clearance of goods from the company "Neolithic Logistics":

absence of problems with customs clearance of goods, regardless of their type;
guarantee of a positive control result;
reasonable price for the services provided.
To order customs brokerage services, escort, call the specified phone number or leave your contacts in the feedback form. The consultant will indicate the approximate price, tell you about the procedure for cooperation.

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