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Machinery transportation

The presence of a special fleet and successful experience in organizing transportation of large-sized equipment - only if you have these two components should contact the transport company that offers services for the transportation of oversized cargo.

Neolithic Logistics - transportation of construction and agricultural equipment. Neolithic Logistics has its own specialized fleet, which is regularly involved in the most complex transportation operations:

  • specialized truck tractors;
  • low-bed semi-trailers “Tiffbet” with special arches for the wheels of the transported equipment;
  • trawls with a platform height from 30 cm to 1 meter and a length of stretching up to 22 meters;
  • telescopic trailers;
  • special frameworks and fixing equipment.

For the organization of complex transport Neolith Logistics also provides special cars and containers.

Transportation of equipment from Neolithic Logistics

As our experience shows, the transportation of construction equipment often involves some features:

  • difficult access to construction sites;
  • lack of space for placement of equipment and space for unloading.

Preliminary consideration of these factors avoids unpleasant surprises. Transportation of road machinery and other construction vehicles often requires a special approach and non-standard solutions.

The choice of transport, method of attachment, schemes of loading operations and the development of the route, taking into account the quality of the road and the characteristics of the landscape, only clear control and miscalculation of all these stages guarantee trouble-free delivery.

Transportation technology - features

Today, the agricultural sector is one of the pillars of the Ukrainian economy. And the transportation of tractors, combines and other field machines today has become one of the important activities of the company Neolit ​​Logistics.

Agricultural technology is usually less massive than construction. But at the same time, it is equipped with attachments, which significantly changes its initial dimensions and requires a particularly careful approach during loading and unloading and transportation.

Transportation of heavy machinery with the company "Neolit ​​Logistics".

Our experts provide all stages of moving oversized vehicles, taking into account all factors:

  • selection of the optimal transport;
  • formation of the route, taking into account the characteristics of the road and road objects;
  • special mounting schemes of equipment;
  • calculation, planning and implementation of loading and unloading operations at the extreme points of the route;
  • Documentation for the transportation of equipment.

Transportation of large-sized equipment by Neolith Logistics is a successful algorithm for solving a complex task, proven over years of practice.