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How Neolit Logistics will work during quarantine


     As you know, in connection with the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, the Cabinet of Ministers approved restrictive measures in Ukraine. The Neolit ​​Logistics group of companies takes care of its employees, friends and partners. With all responsibility, we adhere to the recommendations of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and urge everyone to follow the recommendations.
    In this regard, the majority of employees in all branches of the company switch to a remote form of work, personal meetings with clients are canceled or rescheduled, meetings and meetings are, if necessary, held in video mode.

     Attention! Acceptance and processing of applications for transportation is carried out as usual!

     Of course, each of you is already familiar with the main recommendations of the Ministry of Health for the population. Recall:

  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap for 20-30 seconds and as often as possible
  • use antiseptics that contain at least 60% alcohol
  • use medical masks and disposable gloves
  • Avoid contact with people with obvious signs of illness.
  • ventilate the room regularly, carry out wet cleaning using disinfectants
  • drink plenty of water, consume more fruits and vegetables, sleep at least 7 hours a day and go in for sports (at least for the time being and mainly at home)
  • when the temperature rises and signs of the disease appear, stay home, call an ambulance and / or family doctor

     Keep calm, be conscious, take care of yourself and loved ones!

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